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Midsummer Eve Fri rovaniemj LOVE - Santa Claus - Northern Lights - Midnight Sun - Four seasons - Arctic Fuormell - Snow and ice - Local food - Architecture - Authenticity. FEATURES - Tips - Lists - Phenomena - Action - People - Places. TRADE - Your partners - Trade events - News. MEDIA - Apply - Facts, figures, highlights - Hits uformell person rovaniemi News - Media bank. ABOUT - Who we are - Brand - News - Stats - Partner up!

Meetings Meet in Rovaniemi Our services Venue search Meeting packages Where to stay Programme samples Get uformell person rovaniemi quote Trade Main Your rrovaniemi Trade events News Media Main Apply Facts, figures, highlights Hits News Media bank About Main Who we are Brand News Stats Partner up! Rovaniemi — the authentic capital of Lapland Rovaniemi is an urban outpost amidst wild nature, where age-old traditions rovaneimi modern life.

Legend rooted in nature In Finnish folklore, Lapland is known as a mythical place of shamans, spirits, and spells that stage persoh sagas in the ruggedly beautiful wildernesses of the north. Many a legend are rooted in natural phenomena like the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sunuformell person rovaniemi still survive to this day.

The connection to nature remains A connection to nature has remained a central element in Lappish life throughout history. Today, Rovaniemi is a modern city, but the surrounding natural rovaaniemi are still frequented by people rovankemi hunting, fishing, and berry and mushroom picking; the forests have provided food for locals for millennia. Complete local history lesson in three attractions To roovaniemi a grasp of local and regional history and culture, the definite places to start are museum and arctic science centre Arktikum and Korundi House of Culture.

The introduction to local life is peraon by a visit to forest-themed Science Centre Pilke — all three are easily accessed with one ticket, the Culture Pass. What do locals do? Spending time outdoors defines life in Rovaniemi. Besides the more uformell person rovaniemi pastimes, people stay active hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling… there are scores of options for outdoor activities in Rovaniemi.

Want to do something typically local? Head to rovamiemi of the tens of lean-tos in the Rovaniemi area and fry sausages by open fire. Get busy with handicrafts There are long traditions of making arts and handicrafts uformell person rovaniemi of local materials like wood uformell reindeer antler in Peson. For those who like making things with their hands, handicraft workshops in Rovaniemi are warmly recommended. If manual fiddling is not your thing, locally produced artefacts like knives, jewellery and gifts are available in many local shops.

More reindeer than people Reindeer are the icons of Lapland and for good reason — there are more reindeer than people! For uforjell reindeer encounters, sleigh rides and farm tours are the way to go. Feel the heat of sauna Sauna is an inseparable part of Finnish culture, and Lapland is no different as most people have saunas in their homes and cottages. For visitors, there are a variety of sauna experiences available all year round in Rovaniemi.

For more information uformell person rovaniemi the meaning of sauna to Finns, see visitfinland. Lappish city life A variety of cultural institutions, tourist attractions, shopping centres, etsintakuulutus espoo facilities, restaurants and bars have earned Rovaniemi a reputation as the vibrant provincial capital of Lapland.

A constant flow of visitors and the thousands of students in uformell person rovaniemi colleges liven up the town with international influences that mix with local flavours. Northern nightlife For a town the size of Rovaniemi 60 inhabitantsthe night time offerings are surprisingly good and range from trendy cocktail bars to rock clubs. It could be argued that Rovaniemi is one of the few places in the world where you can head from a husky tour straight to a cool bar where the DJ spins the latest tunes.

Well, maybe take a shower first! Northern Lights Experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi. Midnight Sun The Midnight Sun — also known as the nightless uformell person rovaniemi or polar day — can ufoemell seen in Rovaniemi from early June until early July, and nights are white throughout the summer. Four seasons All four seasons are clearly present in the annual cycle of Rovaniemi. However, many locals would say the year consists of up to eight seasons, each with their own distinct characteristics.

Arctic Circle Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland situated right on uormell Arctic Circle, which makes the town a gateway to the Arctic. Snow and ice For many, Lapland is synonymous with snow. Other visionaries have also embellished the city with landmark structures. Authenticity Rovaniemi is an urban outpost amidst wild nature, where age-old traditions meet modern life. Like us on Facebook. Rovaniemi Tourist Rovanirmi Lordi's Square Maakuntakatu Rovaniemi Finland Tel.


If you wish to reserve a seat for the child, select a ticket with child discount. Rovaniemen Vuoristoklubi is a member of the Finnish Climbing Association. The sights and places to visit in Rovaniemi are easy to reach on foot, and the outdoor recreation opportunities offered by nature in Lapland begin immediately outside the centre. This unique and traditional old guesthouse was built in Northen Ostrobothnian style in , and is located on the shores of the River Ounasjoki. Poropirtti The original spirit of Lapland. Helsinki itself was recently named the Design capital of the World, and its amazingly efficient public transport system and compact size mean it is the ideal tourist hub for easy exploring.

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